Wills and addressing undue influence

On this blog, we have covered many of the reasons why wills may be disputed, from wills that have been lost to insufficient mental capacity. However, undue influence is another reason why wills are disputed. At Joseph A. Ledwidge, our Queens law firm can sympathize with families who are going through a bitter will dispute. Sadly, disagreements over a will can make life even harder for those who are already dealing with strong emotions after their loved one passed away.

If you have been accused of undue influence, you need to carefully examine the relevant details of the situation. Being accused of manipulating a loved one who was vulnerable can be incredibly painful, especially if the accusations are completely false. During this challenging time, you must try to stay level-headed and do everything in your power to have the truth revealed in court. On the other hand, you may suspect that someone exerted undue influence over your loved one, such as coercing them into making certain changes to the will. If you firmly believe that this occurred, you should not hesitate to work towards a possible solution.

Unfortunately, will disputes can create a tremendous amount of friction within families, especially for those who are already on edge after losing someone who was close. As a result, you should attempt to reduce emotional conflict, if possible. On our page which is centered around contesting the will, you can go over more info on undue influence  and other topics related to this area of law.

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Wills and addressing undue influence

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Wills and addressing undue influence

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