Looking to Set Up a Family Trust? Know Your Options First

  A family is never exempt from entering into a lawsuit or making bad business decisions that may put their assets at risk. A family trust is an efficient legal tool for protecting your inheritance that you have managed to treasure with years of effort. Read More

How Does a Probate Attorney Settle a Living Trust?

  A successor trustee often needs legal assistance to settle a living trust as it involves some advanced issues and legal concepts to consider. Under state law, the successor trustee is a fiduciary with certain obligations to the trust beneficiaries. Plus, they have to carry out some basic and advanced duties for which they need proper legal help. Read More

The Importance of Estate Planning in The Digital Age

The pandemic sure did make many people think about getting their affairs in order, so their family isn’t left in a difficult position. Though the pandemic is over, everything has become digitalized, including formal documentation and asset management. Read More

The Process Of Removing A Successor Trustee

If you’re a beneficiary of a family trust or a creator or co-trustee and you think a trustee isn’t acting properly, then you can remove them. Read More

An Estate Executors Powers and Limitations

An estate executor is an individual appointed to carry out the estate distribution and will after the will-maker dies. You should name the estate executor as soon as possible though they can only act after your demise. Read More

The Most Frequent Reasons for Will Contests

Estate distribution following a loved one’s death often leads to legal disputes among family members. This is especially the case when someone feels they’ve been excluded from the will or haven’t received their rightful inheritance. Read More

A Primer on Inheritance Disputes

Sometimes, you may have good reason to disinherit a child, spouse, or grandchild. It can be for any reason. For instance, if you have given your child a substantial amount of assets, you can disinherit them. Read More

Factors to Think About When Leaving an Inheritance to Your Children

According to a 2017 survey, 77% of American parents plan to leave an inheritance for their children, but only 64% are prepared, whereas only 50% have a solid plan in place. Some retirees leave assets and money, while others see it as a non-essential action. Read More

How to Revoke a Last Will and Testament

Wills may be revoked for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you’re getting married for the first time and you want to void your current will to name your new spouse as the main beneficiary of your estate. Maybe you’re a proud new parent who wants to ensure that your child receives a specific inheritance. The changes don’t even have to be family-related. If you’ve invested in real estate and sold several properties over Read More

Procedures to Follow When Establishing a Guardianship in a Legal Setting

The process of establishing guardianship is both crucial and intricate, and there are numerous factors to think about. The most important step is learning the necessary legal procedure and the factors the jury will evaluate. Read More