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  • Passing an Inheritance to Your Children: 4 Factors To Consider

    Parents often want to ensure their children’s future is secure by leaving them an inheritance. A survey from Ameriprise Financial found that 77 percent of parents intend to leave their children or grandchildren an estate. However, only 50 percent have made put plans in place to do so. Passing an inheritance requires considerable planning. You’ll need… Read More

  • Mitigating New York’s Estate Tax Cliff

    Federal and State Estate Taxation Most people seem to harbor a misconception that there’s no federal estate tax to pay. Unfortunately, that isn’t true. However, the federal estate tax only applies to limited states because most people’s estates aren’t valuable enough for the government to tax them. Those curious to learn will be interested to… Read More

  • 4 Factors to Consider when Choosing a Guardian

    Estate planning often begins with writing a Will and choosing an executor. Once you’ve passed that stage, you must proceed to pick a guardian for your children. Selecting a guardian isn’t a straightforward process. We recommend you consider finding someone who’s reliable and trustworthy. The person should be willing to put your children’s best interests forward…. Read More

  • 3 Benefits of Establishing Trusts for Adult Children

    Most parents want to leave their hard-earned assets to their children after their passing. They spend countless hours consulting with their estate law attorney formulating an estate plan that encompasses every detail. Further consultations may also occur as parents search for the best way to pass on their wealth to their children while minimizing the state’s… Read More

  • Why DIY Estate Planning Is Not a Good Idea

    The internet has created several resources that allow people to do nearly anything by themselves. Want to modify your car’s bumper plate? All you have to do is look up a video on YouTube. Considering replacing your kitchen sink faucet? Google yields innumerable results for DIY guides. However, despite the plethora of resources available on… Read More

  • 5 Essential Estate Planning Tips for New Parents

    Most people find their lives changing when they become parents. You find yourself responsible for a life other than yours, often requiring you to make sacrifices for the best interests of your children. Your paternal or maternal instincts start kicking in, making you worried about the slightest challenge your child has to bear. Most parents… Read More

  • What Happens When There’s No Will?

    A will is crucial and a great way of looking after your family once you pass away. It ensures everyone gets their due share as per your commands rather than let the state decide how things will be. Due to conflicts and favoritism, there might be biases, often justifiable in the will claim, which the… Read More

  • 3 Tips for Debtors for Probate

    After a person’s passage, dealing with some of the debt they leave behind can be fairly daunting. There’s a lot to pay attention to, often with strict legal timeframes and regulations that you’re normally unaware of. Here’s what you need to know about it: Compiling and Categorizing the Various Debts Before the probate process begins, it’s… Read More

  • Trustee Succession and Resignation—A Guide

    If you’re in the process of estate planning, your estate lawyer may have mentioned “trusts.” Trusts are a great way to protect your wealth for your loved ones once you’re gone. They may also be used as a way to gain tax advantages. So, does creating a trust make you a trustee? Well, sort of. Technically,… Read More

  • Probate Problems Between Siblings – A Guide

    Not all siblings have the smoothest of sailing, which can lead to various conflicts. These are prevalent among probate cases, especially when there’s money and assets on the line which can particularly fuel greed among many people. It’s best to have a legal representative with expertise in probate litigation to negotiate and mediate over the problems:… Read More