Five Ways In Which Estate Lawyers Help Their Clients

An estate lawyer can assist you in documenting your final wishes in the event of your incapacity or death. This legal advisor will be familiar with the appropriate paperwork to utilize and provide you with choices to guarantee that your wishes are carried out accurately. Read More

How To Choose The Right Litigation Lawyer

If your case ends up in court, you'll want a litigation attorney to look out for your interests and ensure the judge hears and understands your side of the story. Finding the right person to help you through the litigation process may save you time, money, and the emotional toll involved with a lawsuit. Read More

Be Careful Who You Trust With Power of Attorney

If you are a person who is elderly, has disabilities, or is otherwise unable to handle your own affairs, power of attorney documents are one effective way to receive assistance in handling your affairs. These documents generally allow a person to appoint another person to act as their "agent" in matters such as paying bills and transferring assets. While having an agent via power of attorney can come in handy when Read More

3 Instances When You Must Update Your Will

Estate lawyers in Queens agree that a will is the most crucial document a person will write in their lifetime. A will is an essential part of your estate plan and determines who will get your assets in the future. Having a will also makes the probate process easier and quicker for a deceased person’s inheritors, adding to the importance of drafting a will. However, writing a will and notarizing it once isn’t enough. Read More

How to Solve Legal Disputes Outside the Court—A Guide

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) refers to resolving a dispute outside of a court. Techniques like arbitration, mediation, and negotiation can help you settle relationship issues, financial frauds, and tarnishing reputations without litigating in court. Each of these processes is different and can help you avoid the delays and expenses involved in a court case. Keep reading this blog to learn how to resolve Read More

Your Complete Guide to Contesting a Will

If you feel the last will and testament of your loved one hasn't been implemented correctly after their passing, you can consider legally contesting their will in court. While the process can be challenging, expert estate law attorneys can professionally help you with the legal proceedings. Keep reading this blog to understand the ins and outs of contesting a will. Grounds for Contesting a Will You can contest a Read More

Protecting the Home From Medicaid Estate Recovery, Part 3

Today we’ll complete our series on protecting the home from Medicaid estate recovery. Previously, we discussed Medicaid Asset Protection Trusts - a great tool for protecting your home from Medicaid estate recovery. Today, we’ll discuss another excellent tool for defending against Medicaid estate recovery: pooled trusts. What Is a Pooled Trust? A pooled trust is a trust that, as the name implies, pools the Read More

4 Types of Legal Guardians You Should Know Before Making a Will

Are you a parent of a differently-abled adult or a minor child? Perhaps you'd like to nominate a guardian to ensure your ward is taken care of when you're gone. While you can trust your child with several different types of guardians, determining the right candidate is crucial to fulfilling all legal responsibilities. The four major types of guardians are: Personal guardian Pet guardian Conservators Read More

3 Common Legal Problems During Real Estate Transactions

According to surveys, 6.9 million home sales were completed in the United States in 2021. Real estate experts expect this number to rise to 7 million by 2023. To complete a real estate transaction, buyers and sellers must draft a legal document. Property lawyers in Queens help people draft these documents, make informed real estate decisions, and guide them about real estate transactions. However, despite all of Read More

The Top Ways to Simplify the Probate Process

Many people consider estate planning to simplify or avoid probate as it can be tedious and expensive. Fortunately, there are several other strategies to avoid probate, and working with an estate lawyer is one of them. This blog expands on these strategies and simplifies the probate process. Probate Forms Each stage of the probate process requires a separate probate form. Thus, the estate's administrator or Read More