3 Tips to Conduct Yourself in Family Court

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When it comes to family law, the way you conduct yourself can make all the difference. Most of the time, your lawyer would tell you exactly what to say, do, or even wear to represent yourself well.

But If you decide not to hire a lawyer—although it’s highly recommended that you do, especially if the other side is represented by one—then you need to be extra cautious of how you conduct yourself in the court to ensure the best outcome.

Organize Your Thoughts and Your Paperwork

Since you don’t have a lawyer to communicate or negotiate on your behalf, you need to be able to do it yourself and as clearly as possible. This means explaining to the judge adequately why you’re there and what you’re asking for. And also, why you think you’re entitled to get it. All of this needs to be explained clearly in the limited chances you get.

Additionally, if you’re trying to one-up the other side, you’re not going to get too far by being disorganized. So, support what you’re saying with relevant, well-organized documents. This will show the judge how serious you are about the situation.

Don’t Try to Deliberately Paint Others in A Bad Light

Playing blame games in front of the judge isn’t a great strategy. It will just weaken your side of the argument and may even lead the judge into thinking that you’re immature.

Instead, focus on laying out the facts as best as you can without casting negativity on the other person. For instance, if the case is about child custody, you’re better off telling the judge what’s best for the children instead of focusing on why your partner is a bad parent.

Appearance and Punctuality

These are two words that you probably heard back in school a long time ago, but they are very relevant to family court proceedings. While there is no specific dress code outlined for the family court, the safe option is to dress formally.

Additionally, make sure you’re punctual. Being fashionably late to court isn’t a thing, and it should be avoided. Meetings, work, and traffic are all excuses that wouldn’t help your case. Not only would being late look disrespectful, but it would also delay your case proceedings. In fact, the case could even be dismissed.

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