What Is Undue Influence?

Undue influence occurs when the person who is establishing the will (the testator) is coerced or manipulated by someone close to him or her. The party who exerts such influence is typically in close proximity with the testator and has exclusive or near exclusive access to the testator. Undue influence typically occurs when the testator is frail and vulnerable, and therefore more susceptible to influence.

Other Reasons For Contesting A Will

Undue influence is not the only cause of will disputes. Other reasons a will can be disputed include:

  • Lack of mental capacity
  • A fraudulent will
  • The existence of another will
  • Improper execution of a will
  • Lost wills

Whatever the cause of your will dispute, we will thoroughly investigate all of the details of your case to determine the best course of action.

Will disputes often pit one family member against another, and can prove very contentious. We are skilled negotiators and strong litigators. We will work to resolve your will dispute in a favorable, amicable manner. When litigation is necessary, however, we are always prepared.

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