The Process Of Removing A Successor Trustee

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If you’re a beneficiary of a family trust or a creator or co-trustee and you think a trustee isn’t acting properly, then you can remove them.

A family trust offers tax advantages, long-term care benefits, and probate avoidance. However, family trusts aren’t exempted from disputes between beneficiaries and trustees.

Read this guide to learn how to remove a successor trustee from a family trust. You can also consult our family law lawyer for further details.

Trusts: Trustees, Beneficiaries, and Trustors

A family trust is established when the trustor and beneficiaries all belong to the same family.

The trusts are used to transfer assets and are managed by a trustee on the beneficiaries’ behalf. A legal document helps set up a family trust which appoints an initial trustee and co-trustees. The document also appoints successors if the initial trustees no longer serve due to removal, death, or resignation.

Can I Remove A Successor Trustee?

You can remove a successor trustee if they haven’t managed the trust as they should have. For instance, neglect or misconduct can lead to removal.

Today’s modern family trusts also designate a trust protector responsible for replacing and removing a trustee at will. Co-trustees and beneficiaries don’t have authority for removal unless specified otherwise.

If there’s no trust protector and the trustor has passed away, the co-trustees and beneficiaries can seek to remove a successor trustee through probate court.

What’s the Process of Successor Trustee Removal?

First, you’ll need to seek the legal advice of a trust litigation lawyer if you want to remove a trustee. The trust litigation attorney determines whether you can remove a successor based on legal cause and standing.

If yes, then the attorney files a removal petition with the probate court. The court schedules a hearing where the judge listens to the arguments of each party before giving a final verdict.

If the court decides in favor of removal, a replacement trustee is appointed. The court may award attorney costs and fees or compensatory damages, but that depends on the facts of your case.

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Have More Questions? Talk to Our Probate Attorney!

Understanding the legal formalities can be difficult. If you want to remove a successor trustee from a family trust, seek legal help from our new york probate law at Ledwidge & Associates, P.C. We specialize in estate planning, Real Property Law firm Brooklyn, and inheritance disputes. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today.


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The Process Of Removing A Successor Trustee

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The Process Of Removing A Successor Trustee

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